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    Welcome! If you arrived here because you have been relentlessly searching the Internet for a simple software program to create index cards or flashcards and have found nothing, your search is over. We have felt your pain. Index Card Maker was created out of necessity, the mother of invention.

    While assisting a very busy college student to study for an upcoming nursing mid-term, we sought out a simple flashcard program that would allow us to modify text and add pictures. We searched online for hours and didn't find anything like that. How could that be?

    We found plenty of websites that would allow us to utilize their online flashcard templates to type some text and print some cards. But they were extremely limited, did not allow images, and were only available online. We also found a few Word templates to download. But, if you have ever tried feeding index cards into your printer, you know how much time and ink you can waste printing them out over and over because either the cards don't feed properly, or the backs of the cards print out of sync (a nerve-racking experience that will bring out your inner demons).

    Index Card Maker was born. You have options to choose your text font, size, weight, color and alignment. And yes, you can add your own pictures! You can even add a picture and text on the same card! We were on a roll and wondered, "Why don't we add a flashcard 'quiz' feature to the software?" So, we did. The "Quiz Me!" game is awesome, probably the best feature. Quiz yourself over your cards (short bits of information) in repetition, and before you know it, you'll know it.

    We have done away with the hair-ripping frustration inherent with printing out index cards. Index Card Maker prints cards on standard 8.5" x 11" sheets of cardstock or plain paper, four cards per page. It could not be easier. Enter your cards, print the fronts, flip the paper, and print the backs. Cut out your cards. You're done. For mass production, a small investment in a paper cutter, or use of one at school, will have you done in a snap. No endless feeding of index cards into your printer, cursing or card tossing; just peaceful, easy, printing. Ahh, nice.

    One last thing would make this the best thing since sliced bread; the ability to share card collections with friends, other students, teachers, etc. Done. Index Card Maker has the ability to export and import card collections. Is it difficult? Certainly not. Pick one of your card collections, and click the export button to create a file. Email the exported file to your friend, and he or she can import it into his or her Index Card Maker software with a click of the import button. Easy.

    Index Card Maker can be used for flashcards, recipe collections, games, ID cards, emergency information cards, business contacts, place cards, advertisements, you-name-it. Tell us what you will use it for? The possibilities are endless!

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